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An adult cups a child hands in their hands, in the child's hands are some coins. This relates to the community work that we do on financial education in primary schools with RedSTART.

Our community involvement

The RedSTART charity logo, which is a charcoal grey rectangle with white words saying RED and then a red star, and below that in white START. The rectangle appears to be projected upwards from a point on the bottom left hand side, represented by a black triangle, like a beam of light going upwards.

We believe we have a responsibility to have a positive influence on society and the environment.

We provide our teams with time to spend on social responsibility, we match fund the money staff raise for charity, and our founders are passionate about financial education. That passion is channelled into supporting RedSTART.

The earlier in life financial skills can be learned, the bigger the benefit. However, where does financial education sit as a priority in national education terms? It doesn’t, and it currently relies solely on families teaching the younger generation.


If you then consider that financial literacy is relatively low - with so many people having little understanding of questions such as:

  • Why save money?

  • Why do you need a pension?

  • What are interest rates and how might they affect me?

– and at the same time income inequality from the last to the current generation has risen significantly (read more here), then we can see that the scale of the challenge is significant.


This is why we love being involved with RedSTART who are taking on this challenge. 

This illustration has three tall imaginary plants, with large green leaves on either side of a very upright blue stem, and red cog behind each of the stems, and giant yellow lightbulbs at different stages of brightness at the top. There are four people doing different jobs on the ground: on the left, one has a document case in his hand, and  is reaching his open hand towards a woman holding a laptop. In the centre is a woman climbing a ladder, and she appears to be colouring in the central giant yellow lightbulb so it shines brightly, on her left is another large lightbulb on a stem is half full with the bright yellow colour, on the right is a third slightly smaller lightbulb on a pole which has only a small amount of yellow so far. A man has a watering can and is watering the base of the central stem. On the right hand side the last character is holding a megaphone and directing the activity. This links to the idea of building and growing in the community.

RedSTART provides financial education to transform the life chances of young people across the country.

This is done in a way that achieves lasting social transformation. Their goal is to demonstrate that including financial literacy in primary education can have a lasting and profound impact on people’s lives, and moreover do this with a scientific approach to demonstrate the tangible outcomes from these educational interventions.

In this way, the hope is that government policy will be informed and shaped, to achieve something which cannot be accomplished by different financial education charities on their own, which is to enable pupils in 20,000 primary schools across the UK to receive a fairly and consistently delivered financial education programme.

Our journey with RedSTART has just begun and this year and next, sees us volunteering with the Bristol RedSTART hub. We hope to put Gloucestershire and its surrounding counties on the map as a regional hub in 2025, so we can introduce schools in our region to the commendable RedSTART programme.

If you would like to learn more, click here to read about us,
our values, and
our people.

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