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What do we offer?

Our experienced and flexible team will deliver an effective solution to ensure that the job is done. By listening to your needs we are able to analyse, manage and test change efficiently.


Our Analysts

Our Analysts have helped with customer journey mapping (looking for customer revenue opportunities and pain points in order to improve their customer experience), operational improvements (tactical quick wins and strategic changes mapping across departments), regulatory change scoping, and investigating new product/service offerings.

Project and Programme Managers

Our Project and Programme Managers established portfolio change control, supported business case drafting, and run supplier bidding through an RFP process.

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Introducing Agile and Scrum

Our client wanted to consider a move to a more agile way of working, so we wrote an introduction to Agile and Scrum deck to introduce the ‘Agile’ way of working, the resources and skills needed, and how this works in practice  - seeing the benefits and implications of seeing services as ‘products’ with product owners and roadmaps.


Our Test Manager created a test strategy to cover functional and non-functional testing and quality governance that the client was then able to re-use for other projects.


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