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The hands of three sets of business people, of various genders and ethnicities, are shown doing different types of work at a desk.

Our expertise

The Aston Reach team has an abundance of impressive experience, so our clients know they are in both safe and capable hands.
Here's some of our recent experience.

Illustration shows a bit more than half of a blue cog, from the centre of which flow four red lines with red circles on the end, representing connections and digital transformation.

Digital transformation – Migration of a complex, highly customised, inhouse built customer and partner system to an open source, industry platform, and the associated operational structure needed to manage this as ’business as usual’. This introduced some elements of Scrum, and User Centred Design thinking.

A blue magnifying glass is over a blue cog and a larger red cog, with a third smaller red cog in between them. This image represents Operational improvement and innovation.

Operational improvement and innovation – Working across teams to identify the root cause of, and suggest solutions to, operational bottlenecks; and to identify where old processes and approaches are no longer fit for purpose in response to a growing business, and therefore where introducing new technology could increase efficiency.

Illustration of a yellow lightbulb, a red cog and a blue spanner representing product innovation.

 Product innovation - Scoping out all the implications of introducing a new service, the ripple of change to the various teams that would require changes to their processes, information or technology tools, to support the new product.

A bar graph with a red arrow showing a positive upwards movement, with a large red cog and a small blue cog on the right hand side, representing increasing revenue by improving the customer journey.

   Increasing revenue - Improving customer service and increasing revenue by mapping the whole customer journey.

On the left is an illustration of a piece of paper, a red cog overlaps the bottom right hand corner and a yellow lightbulb is above the cog on the right. This represents starting with the business requirements and working towards the technology solution.

Focusing on the business needs - Starting with the organisational requirement and then working towards the technology solution, we have worked with Microsoft, Open Source, Salesforce and a whole host of niche technologies.

Two blue and two red puzzle pieces come together, three are already assembled, the last piece is falling into place, and represents a variety of sector experience coming together to create a strong and well-equipped team.

A variety of sector experience - Whilst our core experience has been in the financial services sector including: wealth, protection, pensions and insurance, we bring experience within the Travel, Public sector, and Third sectors.

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